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Planning a social media marketing campaign at Digital Training Skills.

Social media marketing and strategy development

How does social media marketing help businesses?

A well-planned social media marketing strategy enables you to engage with your audience, build a connection, amplify your brand, generate loyalty, and drive traffic to your website. 

Friends with Smartphones staying connected and sharing content via social media apps.

Why choose this masterclass?

As a marketer, it is your job to ensure you create and share content that resonates with each of your audiences members and the chosen platform.  Brands that do this well connect with their audience across the relevant media and build a long-last relationship. What you produce, when you share it, the format you choose. All these factors are important for creating a solid online presence. After all, social media is a form of pull marketing.

It is essential to grasp the relevance of inbound marketing via social media and how you can use this to your advantage to create content with an end goal.


When developing a digital strategy, the question to ask yourself is 'what am I trying to achieve?'

Your social media goal might be to;

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Generate more digital traffic 

  • Gain new leads 

  • Grow the community  

  • Increase conversation 

Whichever your goal is, the masterclass will help you build out your strategy and a tactical plan for achieving your goal(s).


Your approach to social media marketing (SMM) should be simple. It would be best if you aimed to; Educate your audience, and share information they don't know. Inform them about what is happening within your sector.
Persuade them to take action e.g., sign up for an offer. 

Whether you're new to social media or want to know how to utilize relevant platforms and create a successful strategy, the masterclass takes you through the landscape of each platform. 

  • How to plan and execute campaigns to reach new audiences

  • Tactics to implement to increase engagement 

  • How to use the latest updates to your advantage 

  • Tools to adopt to make your life easier  


You'll go one step further in this session and dive into utilizing insights and metrics to make informed decisions and learn how to optimize content for success. 


By the end of the masterclass, you will know how to create and plan a social media strategy that delivers positive results for all of the eight leading Platforms. 

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter 

  3. Instagram 

  4. Snapchat

  5. TikTok

  6. Pinterest

  7. LinkedIn

  8. YouTube 


You'll learn how to use each channel effectively to ensure your business benefits. 

  • Understand how to track and measure social media referral traffic 

  • How to create, launch and measure paid campaigns across each platform 

  • How to research topics and content that work best for your target audiences 

  • How to Optimise each platform and content for google relevancy 

  • Master how to build a clear digital voice and footprint across each platform 

  • Learn how to make a content strategy plan per platform 

Who should attend this masterclass?

Whether you're a business owner, new to social media, or the person responsible for building a well-crafted social media identity that delivers results for your organisation. The masterclass will equip you with the skills and strategy needed to develop a social media plan that helps you achieve your desired goals. 



We deliver our classes via zoom interactive sessions, whether it's 1-2-1 or in a small group. Classroom-style delivery can be arranged. This is possible for individuals and businesses who require 1-2-1 sessions to avoid sharing critical information. No matter your requirement, you benefit from concise and dedicated learning. 

Get in touch via our contact page to learn more about the masterclass and upcoming dates.

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