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Digital Trainining Skills Marketing Team discussing a strategy.

Creating digital marketing experts

Digital Training Skills team members sharing ideas


We pride ourselves on making digital marketing skills easy to grasp. We use our KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) in our approach to training and development. Whether you're in a career gap, looking to switch industries, scaling your business, seeking digital project consultancy, or need to tighten your skills, our digital marketing masterclasses will accelerate your development.


Nick Fairhead 
Founder of Your PT Hub

I am new to the world of digital marketing and recently launched a new business venture. I wanted to not only have a full grasp of every topic in digital marketing but be able to use the skills straight away to launch my business. My masterclass allowed me to put in practice the skills learned. My business is benefiting greatly as a result of this.

Gemma Rhianna

Landlord success manager 

I wanted a course and trainer that could take me from basic to advanced. My job requires me to work with the marketing and sales team to understand digital marketing principles and how to act on them. I am happy I took the masterclass as this has now allowed me to add value to both teams.  

Kaylie Laumnu
Cerner IT Analyst 

My job requires me to understand and be able to collaborate with marketing teams. I wasn't sure what i masterclass i needed but the after speaking to the trainer, i completed a bespoke digital starter and analytics masterclass. The 1-2-1 class was direct, informative and most of all, I have been able to apply what I learned in my role. 



69% of marketers invested in SEO in 2021. *Hubspot state of marketing report 


Mobile devices, excluding tablets, generated about half of all website traffic since the beginning of 2017. *Statista, 2020


82% of marketers actively use content marketing tactics.*Hubspot marketing report 2021 

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