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Digital Training Skills, business owner reflecting on marketing support she received.

1-2-1 business support

digital marketing business support for new and small businesses, SMEs and Startups 

Digital marketing business support.

If You're taking on a  business project and need external digital marketing support. You can work directly with our specialist to see your project come to life. Our lead trainer Denis Mola has over 17 years of experience in digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing Support - provided by Denis Mola

He has successfully delivered digital transformation roadmaps, implemented marketing strategies, website project management, and overseen national digital campaigns for the UK government. He has worked across digital projects within the property and commercial sector, charity, education, and private sector.

Experienced in the set-up and management of large-scale teams, he has a proven track record of multiple project delivery. He has overseen multidisciplinary teams from across the marketing mix, including search marketing experts, social media marketers, website and software developers.

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Having implemented digital campaigns, he has worked alongside the Department for Working Pensions (DWP), Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), City Councils, SMEs, Startups, and Corporate. Specialties: Strategy and engagement, digital experience, website project management, digital strategy execution, user journey mapping, online user experience, agency management, digital product lifecycle development, and national marketing campaign delivery.

Our digital marketing projects

After delivering the masterclass, digital marketing fundamentals for employees, and new business owners, direct 1-2-1 support was provided to the founder, focusing on digital marketing initiatives for localised growth, social media presences, and advertising. 

Your PT Hub is a fitness-based Hub based in London, and expanding throughout the United Kingdom. The masterclass delivery equipped staff with a well-rounded approach to digital marketing principles, but most importantly, how the staff can implement each one to meet the business goals. 

Your PT Hub London's best personal trainer studio
Website Chart Project support by Digital Training Skills for London Film Academy

Lead on the management and exploration for the delivery of a refreshed and revitalised community platform for the London Business School. The focus was to scope and deliver a better UX; implement enhanced features and user feedback to support the overall platform redevelopment. 

Successfully managed the organisation's new website's inception, implementation, and launch. 
The project required leading on user persona development, building out various digital customer journeys, and mapping key touch points. 

UnLtd's old website had hundreds of pages and different templates, all with different relationship requirements in desperate need of a UX overhaul. It needed to be streamlined, tidied up, and made more logical from both a user and content creation standpoint.

The redesign focused on a mobile-first responsive approach with particular attention paid to information architecture, optimised content, and shallow navigation. 

Unltd website build - project creation and implementation by Denis Mola
Puposely project website build by Denis Mola for DCMS

Designed and implemented the company's first government-backed direct-to-consumer online digital product for business and social start-ups, Purposely. Co-funded by the DCMS (Department for Cultural Media & Sports). 

Purposely is for founders who are using or considering the company limited by shares legal structure and who want to embed their purpose. The tool guides users through the steps necessary to create company articles, and embed purpose into the DNA of their business.

Customer journey mapping and persona development are crucial in designing a new digital product or service with multiple touch stages. Whether using a fancy online app or A0 paper, whatever makes it easier to get the job done is our approach. 

Your customer segments and needs vary across the lifecycle. Developing a well-thought-out strategic customer mapping exercise allows you to understand potential pain points, user expectations, wow moments, functionality needs, user thoughts, systems needs, and much more. 

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Work with us  

We work directly with you and your team to support or lead on digital initiatives you're undertaking. We're with you every step, from up-skilling in-house teams to rolling out digital products. Say hello via our contact form to discuss your needs and learn more about how we can support your digital vision. 


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