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Small business owners on phone talking about his  digital marketing masterclass

Digital marketing fundamentals for employees, new and small business owners.

This masterclass introduces you to digital marketing fundamentals, SEO, content marketing design, social media strategy, search engine marketing, digital advertising, mobile amplification, influencer, and email marketing.

Whether you're new to marketing or want to get to grips with the fundamentals, our digital marketing masterclass is developed to up-skill business owners and individuals in the areas of online marketing.

Small Business Owner poses for photo after completing her masterclass with Digital Training Skills

Why choose this masterclass?

The modules are designed to give you a 360 view of how and what digital marketing is; essentially, the ability to promote your brand and connect with customers using the different types of channels and platforms available to you.

Not all strategies and platforms will necessarily give you the results you desire, and this is why it is essential to understand what each channel does, how it impacts your marketing effort, and what you can expect to get in return.

In this masterclass, you learn the seven online components which make up the digital landscape.

Digital marketing fundamentals

Develop a clear understanding of buyer persona and behavior, the importance of knowing the different types of media available to you, and working to understand how and what your digital voice and footprint mean to your audience.

Content marketing

Develop a clear understanding of how to plan, create, promote and measure your content marketing efforts. Your content must exceed customer expectations and positively affect business outcomes. You'll explore how to plan content for different consumer buyer stages and bring in traffic that converts.

Search engine optimisation


SEO is vital role in increasing web visibility, which leads to more organic traffic. You'll learn how to implement on-page best practices for optimizing your website and digital products -helping you save on advertising costs. You're given a deep dive into keyword research and how this works, utilizing local SEO techniques, especially if you have a brick-and-mortar business, tools to use, and where to begin.

Social media marketing

Social media is a rapidly growing space, businesses that can build a tribe and connect with their audiences thrive and succeed. This session pulls in and takes you through the different techniques you can use for social media strategy, the platforms and what they do, a live demonstration of designing and implementing a social media paid ad campaign.


Search and digital display advertising 

Get to understand how the Google ad system works. In this session, you learn how to create a digital ad via google and its additional platform. You'll learn how to measure and plan your media. For businesses and individuals wanting to know how to promote a product or service, this module covers, research, planning, and execution.


Email marketing 

Email marketing plays a pivotal role in consumer engagement. Often forgotten about until the last minute, in this session, you learn, email template structure, landing page creation, ideation for growing your email list, campaign planning, measuring ROI, selecting platforms, and complying with GDRP regulations. Email is still one of the most reliable ways to build and convert existing customers.


Mobile marketing 

Is your website made with a mobile-first approach, is it responsive, how fast is it, have you viewed your insights from mobile visits, and have you made a plan to deal with Apple's introduction of app privacy? This session covers all these topics and how to promote your business via mobile marketing. 

Influencer marketing 

Develop the right tactics that will see your business benefit from influencer marketing activities. Many social media individuals are now seen as experts or guru's within their respected fields, and consumers rely on them for advice, audience, and recommendations (social proof). From Nano to mega influencers, we take you through the research you need to do to determine your ROI, goal setting, collaborating on campaigns, and most importantly, ensuring your influencers have not only the reach but engagement needed to drive results your way. 

​Who should attend the masterclass?

This masterclass is for anyone who is new to digital marketing and wants to get a solid understanding of the digital landscape. Whether you're looking to transition into the field, have set up a business, or like to learn how to use each channel to win, convert customers, drive traffic and increase brand presence.


We deliver our classes via zoom interactive sessions, whether it's 1-2-1 or in a small group. Classroom-style delivery can be arranged. This is possible for individuals and businesses who require 1-2-1 sessions to avoid sharing critical information. No matter your requirement, you benefit from concise and dedicated learning. 

Get in touch via our contact page to learn more about the masterclass and upcoming dates.

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