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Team members preparing a digital marketing strategy

How to plan, implement and kickstart your digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

In today's fast-moving digital world, no business can afford not to pay attention to their audiences' online behavior. Those that do it successfully understand how to plan, implement and kick-start their digital marketing strategy to maximize reach, engagement, acquisition, and conversion. 

Team members meeting to share strategy ideas

Why choose this masterclass?

As a business owner or marketing specialist, you may have all your relevant touch-points in place, website, social media accounts, email, mobile, elements of SEO, and content marketing going. However,  you are not sure how to build out a strategy to bring all your efforts together and succeed. You end up sprinkling your skills thin across each channel with no real cohesion or strategic direction.

The masterclass shows you how to combine all your digital efforts and create a roadmap for success. The masterclass is designed to show you how to audit, analyze and create an effective digital plan that attracts and retains customers by keeping it simple.

This masterclass teaches you the skills to create a formal strategic marketing plan for your employer and or your business venture. It will enable you to work effectively to deliver on core objectives, focusing on information gathering, analytics, audience mapping, and digital communications. The session covers all areas of internet marketing, from website planning and customer journey mapping to social media communications. You will look at appropriate tools and how to select these based on the anticipated audience(s), objectives, and budget setting for success. 

  • Auditing your current landscape

  • Business objectives vs digital marketing goals

  • The pillars of an effective strategy

  • Customer profiling – by using data for maximum results (Understanding the audience) 

  • Developing the customer experience touch-points

  • Understanding your brand signals

  • The buying cycle

  • Evaluating your industry/ sector (information gathering)

  • Competitor analysis 

  • Acquisition, conversion, retention (how to succeed with each one)

  • The acquisition framework for success

  • Succeeding with SEO

  • SEM

  • Website approach

  • Mobile marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Influencers

  • Digital Advertising

  • Content Strategies 

  • Email marketing

  • Retention strategies

  • Influencer marketing 

Who should attend this masterclass?

If you are responsible for planning a digital marketing campaign for your organization, and or want to develop the skills and techniques required, this masterclass is for you. This course is perfect for anyone ready to upskill their digital knowledge, gain new market insights, or develop an internet marketing strategy for their business needs. This content suits entrepreneurs, new business owners, freelancers working with clients, employees ready to improve existing skills to help with job prospects, and graduates looking for an educational top-up. You need to have a basic understanding of websites and social media to benefit from the course entirely. 



We deliver our classes via zoom interactive sessions, whether it's 1-2-1 or in a small group. Classroom-style delivery can be arranged. This is possible for individuals and businesses who require 1-2-1 sessions to avoid sharing critical information. No matter your requirement, you benefit from concise and dedicated learning. 

Get in touch via our contact page to learn more about the masterclass and upcoming dates.

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