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Content curator making visual content for content marketing purposes. Digital Training Skills

How to create content for digital marketing success 

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating valuable, relevant content that not only attracts your target demographic but enables them to engage with the information you have shared. Your audience will take action if your content is relevant, engaging, and informative. 

Team meeting at Digital Training Skills discussing content marketing strategy.

Why choose this masterclass?

Content strategy is more than just about creating an informative blog, placing it on your website, and then sharing it through your social media platforms.


As a marketer, your job is to produce content that supports the overall marketing inbound goals. Whether you're creating videos, infographics, or podcasts, the underline objective is to help your business and marketing efforts. As part of your content creation process, you have to ensure what you produce is engaging and won't get lost in the digital space. After all, you want your potential customers to feel empowered and influenced after they digest your material to take action. 

The brands that do this well understand what type of content should be produced at each stage of a customer's journey to get a conversion. Whether that is an online transaction, signing up for an offer, or downloading a workbook. 

With our content masterclass, you'll learn how the content marketing framework works with buyer behavior, the difference between content marketing and social media marketing, and get to grips with producing the correct type of content at each stage of your buyer's journey process. What you create at the awareness stage (when customers are doing their research) will differ from what you share once they get to the decision stage (ready to buy). You must not only distinguish the different stages but also begin to understand how to set content objectives and ask yourself; 

What do you want your content to do?

  • Do you want it to increase organic visibility?

  • Strengthen your thought leadership?

  • Build trust with consumers?

  • Reach new audiences?

Every time you set out on a content marketing campaign, you need to have clear objectives for what you are trying to achieve, how to accomplish this, and its effect on the bottom line. Using historical data plays a vital role in estimating how well your content will perform. This session takes you through insights and factoring into how to calculate campaign ROI. 


Areas of content marketing that will see a massive shift include:


On-demand instantaneous content:

Consumers expect relevant and trustworthy content with a quick turnaround. As a curator, you have to ensure you have the process in place to address the content framework key points. 


Search engines are more intelligent than ever, and you must produce content that matches a user's search intent and addresses the query. 

Data and insights: 

Have you thought about how you can harness your data to better prepare expected content for your audience. This is just one of the ways you should experiment for successful content distribution in 2022. 


What content connects with your audiences the best and builds empathy? To stand out in the digital space, you need to master the art of storytelling with one eye open on machine learning and AI; why? Because as content creators, you need to balance the art and science of storytelling alongside digital production. 

Who should attend the masterclass?

This masterclass is for individuals who are responsible for creating content marketing plans. Whether you're a freelancer, marketing professional, has set up a business, or want to learn how to use each channel to win, convert customers, drive traffic and increase brand presence.


We deliver our classes via zoom interactive sessions, whether it's 1-2-1 or in a small group. Classroom-style delivery can be arranged. This is possible for individuals and businesses who require 1-2-1 sessions to avoid sharing critical information. No matter your requirement, you benefit from concise and dedicated learning. 

Get in touch via our contact page to learn more about the masterclass and upcoming dates.

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